Veinira hair color shampoo (Black) 10 packs of 25ml- Next Day Delivery

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  •  Veinira hair color shampoo (Black) 10 packs of 25ml- Next Day Delivery
  •  Veinira hair color shampoo (Black) 10 packs of 25ml- Next Day Delivery


Veinira Hair Shampoo for Man and Woman New Formula 

We are the original Wholesalers of this product in UK


Veinira hair colour shampoos are made without ammonia or other harsh chemicals. We use only the best herbal ingredients you can get.

A second point where our colour shampoo stands out is that it doesn't leave any stains on the skin. There is no better product you can get. It restores and rejuvenates damaged hair. It makes your hair shiny, stronger and fully opaque again.  Our shampoo is also packaged per piece and is good for 10 treatments. The optimal ratio ensures a perfect result time and time again


Veinira hair colour has never been tested on animals. Veinira is extensively tested on both men and women.

Don't only use our product to colour your hair, but it also works perfect for your beard. We have balanced the formula, so it will works on any hair type.

The hair colour will last for up to 30 days.


Super Easy And Fast With No Stains On Your Skin

We have made a easy to use all-in-one sachets. We have balance the formula for the perfect mix between the used ingredients. Also have we included the colouring and the developer in one sachets. This will give the perfect blending of the two ingredients. By using this technique, you will get a perfect result every time.

Our special formula usually only take 5 minutes to apply (most colours). The best part it will leave no stains on your skin.

But what makes our product different from all other shampoos.

  • Made from natural ingredients;
  • No Ammonia;
  • No adhesion to your skin, only to your hair;
  • 1 bag solution for perfect dosage;
  • No more waste;
  • Both for women and men;
  • 3 years after purchase shelf life;
  • 30 days of beautiful and shiny hair;
  • Low price, if not the lowest price per colour treatment

 Only natural ingredients:

Once you've tried our product, you won't want anything else. Many color shampoos still contain many harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. We do not think that is right.

Here is a list of harsh chemicals that we do not use in our products.

  • No Petrol-based chemicals
  • No PEGs
  • No Paraben
  • No Synthetic preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone or Methylchloroisothiazolinone
  • No Synthetic fragrances |
  • No Ammonia
  • No PPD
  • No Alcohol

Your hair doesn't need unnatural ingredients to look great and we will never include them in our products.

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